Man Who Trekked From Makurdi To Honour Tinubu Arrives APC Secretariat In Abuja

A Benue State University graduate, 30-year-old David Nyor, has trekked from Makurdi to Abuja over four days to celebrate the inauguration of President Bola Tinubu

He arrived, weary but determined, at the national headquarters of the All Progressives Congress.

Setting off on his journey on the same day Tinubu was sworn in, May 29, Nyor eventually arrived in Abuja on Friday evening.

Looking somewhat dishevelled in a white T-shirt, black joggers, and a black fez cap, he made his way to the nearly deserted party secretariat around 2:30 pm.

During an interview with Punch, Nyor explained that trekking such a long distance was more challenging than he initially anticipated, saying, “I thought it was going to be easy but when I started my legs were paining me. That was when I knew that trekking that far is not easy but because of the promise I made to the people, I kept on trekking.”

When asked why he chose to embark on such a physically demanding journey to celebrate a man he likely has never met, Nyor attributed his decision to passion and a vow he made.

A native of the Konshisha Local Government Area, Nyor had promised to trek to honour Tinubu if he won the election and was inaugurated as president.

“I was hanging out with some of my mates, and we were discussing who will win the presidential election and I said Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will win due to his track record. 

“One of them told me if Tinubu wins, he will leave Nigeria and I replied that if Tinubu becomes president, I will trek from Benue to Abuja to honour his victory,” he shared.

Asked if he anticipated any reward from the president for his four-day trek, the educational management graduate hesitated before sharing his modest wish: “My only request is to take a photoshoot standing beside my president so that when I return back to Benue, everyone will see me with my president.”

By Enioluwa Adeniyi