Man Kills Girlfriend, Posts Picture Of Body As WhatsApp Status in India

A 20-year-old nursing student in Chennai, India, was reportedly killed by her boyfriend, who then shared a photo of the deceased on his WhatsApp status.

The murder came to light when the victim’s friends saw the disturbing image on the accused, Ashiq’s, WhatsApp.

After the victim’s friends alerted authorities, police found her body in a hotel room where the couple was staying.

The victim, a second-year nursing student, had been in a relationship with Ashiq for five years.

The couple had recently rented a room in Chennai and were living together. Concern arose when the victim missed classes for three days, leading her friends to investigate.

They learned that Ashiq had travelled to Chennai and booked a hotel room for the two of them.

However, they were shocked when they discovered the distressing image of the deceased woman displayed as Ashiq’s WhatsApp status.

The Chennai Police launched a search operation that led to the discovery of her lifeless body in a private hotel.

They have also successfully apprehended Ashiq after analysing the CCTV footage in the vicinity.

The accused has reportedly confessed to committing the crime during interrogation.

According to reports by local media, the accused revealed that a heated argument ensued between him and the victim, as she accused him of being involved in a romantic relationship with another woman. Provoked, Ashiq allegedly strangled her to death using his t-shirt.