Kanye’s wife, Bianca Censori to be punished by Italian police for public indecency

Calls are being made for Italian police to punish Kanye West’s new ‘wife’ Bianca Censori following her latest eye-popping display in the conservative Catholic country.

The Australian beauty, 28, has been fuelling controversy in Italy for ‘going around in risky revealing outfits over the past month.

On Sunday, she commanded attention when she stepped out for dinner with Kanye, 46, in an outrageous nude catsuit.

Bianca went braless in the skintight all-in-one and at some points forced to cover her nipples with a black cross-body bag, while Kanye hit under a black snood teamed with a baggy black jacket and trousers.

Online critics have since implored local authorities to punish Bianca for her wardrobe choices.

‘It’s surprising she hasn’t been arrested. Italy is much more conservative, in this case rightly so!’ one user wrote.

‘I hope Italy kicks them both out of the country. They don’t need this pair polluting it,’ another raged, as someone else agreed: ‘Completely disrespectful to a conservative catholic culture the Italians should have kicked them out.’

Many argued that Bianca’s latest look constitutes ‘public indecency,’ a charge for which comes with a hefty fine.

‘It’s a shame that they can’t arrest her for public indecency. They look like clowns, how embarrassing,’ someone wrote.

Another critic agreed: ‘How about police in every country arrest anyone who is nude? It’s called indecency… Tired of being forced to see nude women and should be illegal for children to see this,’ someone wrote.

One user even suggested that local restaurants should deny entry to Bianca and West for ‘failing to dress appropriately’.

According to major tourism website CIU Travel, locals find it ‘offensive’ to see visitors ‘wandering the streets in varying states of undress.’

It is also against the law to do so in may local ordinances, and can result in fines.

The website reads: ‘Walking around in beach attire or, worse, shirtless, is a huge no-no in Italy, unless you have your feet buried deep in the sand.’

Bianca arrived in Italy with Kanye earlier this month, and has stepped out on several occasions with her bare breasts clearly visible beneath see-through mesh outfits.

Italian locals have since branded the Kim Kardashian lookalike’s outfits ‘disrespectful’ on social media, with some saying ‘immodest’ Censori and West weren’t welcome in a country known for its conservative Catholic heritage.

‘We don’t need this trash in Italy,’ one Italian user commented, while another branded Bianca’s outfits as ‘classless’ and ‘vulgar’.

Users from other parts of the world echoed this sentiment, with one commenting: ‘Planning a trip to Italy, I have read several times that Italians are very fashionable and are fairly conservative in their clothing choices. Wonder what they think of this exhibitionist?’

‘The classy Italians won’t be impressed that is for sure. What an absolute mess!’ another wrote, as someone else added: ‘The Italians will be horrified’.

‘This is sexy at home between adults, but trashy in public,’ another wrote, while one pointed out Bianca should be dressed appropriately in a conservative Catholic country.

‘Someone forgot to tell ex “Reverend” Kanye that they are in a conservative Catholic nation, not Miami or NYC…’ they said.

Kanye and Bianca wed in a private ceremony in Beverly Hills in January, about two months after the rapper’s divorce to Kim Kardashian was finalised.

However, the legality of the union is in question, as they did not file a marriage certificate.

Bianca has a degree in architecture and worked West’s design company Yeezy prior to their getting together.

She joined the company in 2020, according to Marie Claire. It’s unclear whether she still works at Yeezy.

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