Kanye West is getting sued over a heated encounter he had with a photographer — the one where he pulled over to snatch her phone and throw it into the street.

Back in January … as he was driving away from one of North West’s basketball games with his wife, Bianca Censori, Ye stopped because he noticed several paparazzi on his tail.

According to one of the photogs, Nichol Lechmanik, Ye was angrily confronting a different paparazzo, going through the man’s pockets … and she claims she feared the rapper might have had a weapon on him.

In the lawsuit, Lechmanik says she was terrified he would come after her next … and he did. Video shows Ye approaching her as she sat in the driver’s seat of her car, recording him with her phone and yelling, “You all ain’t gonna run up on me like that!”

Ye told her, “If I say stop, stop with your cameras.” Then he ripped her phone out of her hands and tossed it — she says it landed in oncoming traffic.

All of this was captured on video by Lechmanik’s business partner who was recording from her passenger seat … and she says Ye walked over to that side of the car and flashed a “death stare” at them. That same day she went to the Sheriff’s Department to file a report about the incident.

As we first reported, law enforcement named Ye a suspect in their battery investigation, but ultimately he was not charged.

That being said, Lechmanik says she was traumatized and humiliated … and lost earnings because she wasn’t able to go back to her J-O-B … snapping photos of celebs.

In the weeks after their encounter, Ye started going straight to law enforcement — as he did on Valentine’s Day — whenever photogs approached him.

Lechmanik is suing Ye for assault, battery and negligence.

Interestingly, she also wants an injunction blocking Ye from touching, annoying or threatening not just herself, but ANY photographer. Good luck with that part!

✍️ TMZ