Kanye West Serves Sushi Platter On Nak3d Lady To Celebrate 46th Birthday

Kanye West is back in the headlines, this time, for allegedly serving up sushi and sashimi to his guests, off the naked bodies of women. This is known to be a Japanese technique of Nyotaimori. The rapper left fans and netizens in a state of shock when videos from his 46th birthday party went viral. The clip gives fans glimpses into his birthday celebrations, which incorporated the Japanese technique of Nyotaimori.

The practice involves serving sashimi or sushi off the naked body of a woman. A viral clip from the birthday bash saw around 3 women lying on tables with sushi platters arranged on their bodies. The clip also sees a chef placing some food on a woman’s body while encouraging guests to eat up. Surprisingly, Kanye’s 9-year-old daughter, North West was also at the bash. There to keep her company was Kanye’s new wife Bianca Censori, who was seen walking hand-in-hand with North.