INVESTMENT: Don Jazzy Reveals How Much It Cost To Invest On New Artists

Nigerian music producer and CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy has disclosed that the substantial amount of money used in investing in a new artist ranges from N50 to 100 million within a year.

Speaking in a recent interview, Don Jazzy revealed that before choosing any of these artists, he has to dig deep into the understanding of the potential artist and ultimately choose the one he feels a strong connection with.

However, once selected, he directs his focus on nurturing and developing the individual’s talent while building a dedicated fan base.

According to him, “Despite his eagerness to sign more artists, he faces the challenge of not being able to accommodate everyone in his record label.

Thereby, struggles with creating a well-organized timetable for the artists he plans to bring on board.
Speaking further, the CEO of Mavin Records expressed the difficulty in determining the ideal time to release songs by his signed artists to the public.

Also, Don Jazzy disclosed that established and popular artists in the country who may be dropping their music simultaneously can impact the performance of his artists’ songs.

Hence, the necessity of having well-planned timetables within his label.