“I’m Top Dawg Of The Alleged Pregnancies’’-Davido’s Anita Shades Ivanna Bay

On Monday, Davido’s pregnant US-based lover, Anita Brown, shaded her French counterpart, Ivanna Bay, for attending the singer’s concert in Portugal.

Over the weekend, Ms Bay was spotted in the crowd during Davido’s performance at the Afro Nation festival Algarve Portimao in Portugal.

She shared a short video clip on her Instagram story. The video captured her vibing to Davido’s stage performance.

The U.S.-based model claimed Ms Bay’s attendance was a way to stay relevant amid the pregnancy controversies.

Via her Instagram story, she shared pictures of herself with different captions allegedly referring to the French real estate agent.

She wrote, “Stop comparing me with other allegedly pregnant women. Idc what they are doing. To be relevant, I’m not running after no man at his concerts.”

“I have a business to run. I can not just take a break from real life. I have a schedule. When I get in real-time, you all will see me. Just know! And it won’t be at a concert. It would be more like the Hermes store, the jewellery store, the car dealer, catching a flight to Morocco or St Tropez. I’ve never been a basic catch. Silly rabbit tracks are for kids. I’m the top Dawg of the alleged pregnancies.”

Also, in one of the pictures shared in her story, Ms Brown flaunted her body as the best. She wore a black fitted gown and shoes.

Her caption read, “We all got surgery, but we both know who looks the best. I freely give out my doctor’s information.”

Ivanna’s Response
A few hours after Ms Brown called her out for attending Davido’s concert, Ms Bay responded to the criticism.

The French businesswoman claimed Ms Brown was hypocritical with her opinions about her, particularly as regards her body.

She claimed the U.S.-based model’s excuse to be busy does not justify her actions and incessant posts about Davido and his family.

In her Instagram story, she shared a screenshot of Ms Brown’s posts allegedly referring to her and responded to each.

She wrote, “You are talking about women empowerment, but you take down another woman’s body and compare yourself to her. ”

Ma belle, you are fake and contradictory. We both knew you would have dreamed of being at my place at the moment.”

‘‘And auntie, stop saying you’re a businesswoman because you have plenty of time to post stories about people’s wives, dead children, or other women’s bodies.”

How it all started
Ms Bay, the alleged pregnant French lover to Davido, cautioned her American counterpart, Ms Brown, to stop her allegations against the singer.

The French lady claimed the model’s comments defamed Davido and his family.

After calling him out for impregnating her, Ms Brown hauled continuous allegations against Davido.

She slammed the singer via her Twitter page, disclosing their conversations about his wife and family during their affair.

The American model allegedly described the singer as a “deadbeat, woman beater, manipulator and a control freak.”

She alleged that Davido once beat his wife, Chioma, his girlfriend at the time, over a side chick.

Reacting to Ms Brown’s allegations via her Instagram Story on 30th June, the French lady cautioned the model to accord the singer and his family some respect.

She wrote, “@ninatheelite maam, you’re going too far! Be quiet, please. You are mean.”

“Respect other relationships even if you disagree! She is still ‘the wife’ and a mother and a woman.”

“Even if he has bad behaviour, you know he is a good person and man! Nobody deserves this.”