“How being raised by a single parent lowered her self-esteem~Moet Abebe

Television presenter and actress, Laura Monyeazo Abebe, popularly known as Moet Abebe, has explained how being raised by single parent lowered her self-esteem.

Moet Abebe opened up during an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo while discussing leaving an abusive partner and dealing with an absent father.

She revealed that when she was in secondary school she was politely asked to leave school because she was bullying her classmates.

“ I was politely asked to leave my secondary school because I was a bully. Now I am anti-bullying. I think for you to be against something, you have to experience it. I wasn’t necessarily on the receiving end. And I will have to say, I had my reasons as to why I was a bully. I have always been a fighter; I have always been misunderstood and I have always had to get my point across. And I wouldn’t say I didn’t grow up with love, because I did but I didn’t necessarily get much paternal love, so I have always had to fight to protect what is mine and what I feel and what my views are. At that moment of my life, I sort of interpreted that as to become a bully as opposed to actually not being a bully”.

Moet Abebe also said that she was happy that she went through things like that because she is the kind of person who gets comfortable, and something has to shake her and it is when she is disappointed, and she gets to pick herself.

“My parents were not together, they never got married. I am what you call ‘a love child’. I believe that I was created out of love, but I have only known maternal love because I grew up with my mum. My mum was my mum and dad did what he needed to do but he wasn’t there physically”. Now that she is grown, Moet shared that she is much closer to her dad but not as close as it should be because it will then be pretentious if they start to make up for lost time.

People believe that I could have self-esteem issues. So, I always must remind myself to be myself because I am so unique and special”. On what she thinks caused her lack of self-esteem, she said, “I feel it came from being raised from a single parenthood. I usually say that if I had that male presence in my life, you can’t tell me anything. She shared about how she builds her esteem, “I’m one of those people that literally have to keep reminding myself that, ‘you’re beautiful, you’re hardworking, you can do this’. I keep reminding myself to keep loving and appreciating my mistakes, my past, my present, my future.”