GWR: Guinness World Record Denies Man Who Went Blind While Attempting A Cry-A-Thon

The Guinness World Records (GWR) has disassociated itself from a viral report about a Nigerian man’s attempt to break the record for the longest crying Marathon.

It was gathered that the man identified as Tembu Ebere tried to set a Guinness World Record by crying non-stop for seven days.

During his attempt, he revealed experiencing partial blindness for 45 minutes, along with “headaches, puffy eyes, and a swollen face.”

Speaking to the BBC, Ebere confirmed that he had to force himself to cry to keep going by reducing the intensity of his wailing as it was causing him headaches.

“I had to re-strategise and reduce my wailing” he said while adding that he determined to complete the week-long “Cry-a-thon” challenge despite the difficulties.

In its response, the Guinness World Records made it clear that they did not approve or monitor such a record, stating that they could not verify and endorse such a feat.

The GWR emphasized the types of records they do officially recognize and monitor.

“Just to quell some recent rumours, we wouldn’t ever monitor a record for the longest marathon crying. Here’s what can be monitored by our team”, the body wrote.

Tembu Ebere also confirmed that he did not apply to Guinness World Record because his attempt was not official.