Gov. Fubara Accused Of Fire Attack On Rivers State House Of Assembly

Former Rivers State Governor, Nyesome Wike, has accused the current Governor, Sim Fubara, of orchestrating an arson attack on the State’s House of Assembly building.

The accusation comes in the wake of an arson incident that occurred weeks ago, resulting in damage to the hallowed chambers of the state assembly.

The opposition party has condemned the incident, labeling it as a desecration of the legislature and intensifying the already existing political tensions in the state.

The Rivers State House of Assembly has been embroiled in a bitter internal conflict, with some lawmakers initiating impeachment proceedings against Governor Fubara.

Edison Ehie, the former Leader of the State House of Assembly, reportedly rejected the bid to impeach Governor Fubara, citing the absence of any impeachable offenses.

However, in a surprising twist, Ehie was subsequently removed from his position as the majority leader.

Recent developments reveal that Edison Ehie has now been elected as the new Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly, further highlighting the political turmoil gripping the region.

Governor Fubara, facing the growing threat of impeachment, has contested the accusations, questioning the motivations behind the move.

During a recent confrontation, he confronted Ehie, asking, “When they were about impeaching you, did you call me to say, ‘Sir, they want to impeach me’?”

Fubara insinuated that the arson attack on the assembly building was orchestrated as a response to the impeachment proceedings.

Fubara continued his defense, questioning the speed of the impeachment process, stating, “Is the impeachment for only one day? Is the impeachment process a one-day affair?”

The governor also raised concerns about the injection of ethnic politics into the political landscape, asserting, “Then you raised ethnic politics. We’ve never had it like this before.