GO:The Lord’s Chosen Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, Loses Wife

General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Ministries, Pst. Lazarus Muoka, has reportedly lost his wife, Pst. Mrs. Joy Muoka, to the cold hands of de@th. It was disclosed that this is the second wife the Founder of Lord’s Chosen Church, Lazarus Mouka, will be burying. Throughout her life, Joy Mouka dedicated herself to supporting her husband’s ministry and uplifting those around her. May her soul RIP.

The news of her demise sent ripples of sadness through the congregations of The Lord’s Chosen Ministries worldwide. This loss is particularly poignant for Pastor Lazarus Muoka, who had to bear the unfortunate ordeal of bidding farewell to a spouse for the second time. Yes, this is a painful reality that Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the founder of Lord’s Chosen Church, is currently grappling with.

This news comes as a somber reminder of the relentless march of time and the transient nature of life. However, even as we mourn the departure of Pastor Mrs. Joy Muoka, it is crucial to remember and celebrate her contributions to the church and her invaluable role as a spiritual mentor to countless followers.

Her spiritual wisdom, boundless compassion, and unwavering dedication to the ministry’s vision have forever imprinted on the hearts and minds of the congregation. Through her deeds and teachings, she embodied the spirit of the church and demonstrated how to live a life anchored in faith and love. Today, as the Lord’s Chosen Ministries mourns its loss, we also pay homage to the strength, love, and resilience of Pastor Mrs. Joy Muoka, whose spirit continues to guide and inspire the ministry.

In these trying times, our thoughts and prayers are with Pastor Lazarus Muoka, the entire Lord’s Chosen Ministries family, and everyone affected by this significant loss. As we navigate through this period of grief, we remember the life and legacy of Pastor Mrs. Joy Muoka, who will always remain a guiding light for the Lord’s Chosen Ministries.