“God created us to cheat” – Samklef affirms, backs statement with scriptures

Sampled, a prominent music producer also known as Samuel Oguachuba, voiced his belief in a recent viral video on social media that infidelity is an inevitable trait among humans, since it is part of human nature as designed by God.

This statement was made during a conversation with prominent media personality Daddy Freeze, days after the supposed cheating controversy involving musician Banky W made waves online.

Samklef argued that while discussing adultery, Nigerians tend to become too emotional, underlining that cheating is frequent.

He gave examples of religious individuals he knows who have had extramarital affairs to back up his point of view. Furthermore, he cited polygamous biblical figures such as Abraham, David, and Solomon to back up his thesis.

In his words:

“Nigerians are too emotional. We react with emotions. We dey do bad things, but we dey cover am. “Nigerians should stop idolizing some people’s lives. Let people be. Pastors, Imams… Who doesn’t cheat? Na God create us to cheat.”