Gist Lover Accuses Remi Tinubu of affair with Gawat

Social media blog, Gistlover, has claimed that Remi Tinubu, the wife of APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, once had an affair with a broadcaster called Gawat.

In its latest exposé, Gistlover, revealed that the whereabouts of Gawat has remained unknown since the affair between them.


“Hello tueh tueh, I will summarize the remaining part as fast as I can, so we can move to other candidates and other pending stories,”

The blog claimed that anyone who refused to dance to Tinubu’s tune could pay the price. “It is just newspaper and journalist of belle and anyone that refuses to succumb to them will be eliminated, that was not Amoda’s (Bola Tinubu) first allegation of killing people. Late Bola Ige’s death was also traced back to him those days according to words on the street then, so was that of Funsho Williams and didn’t get justice till today.

“Gawat, a popular broadcaster on the other hand, he and Remi Tinubu were dating and the news was everywhere on the Island. She sponsored Gawat’s shows heavily, one way or the other Amoda got to find out, and the matter was messy then. Amoda threatened to make the matter public but the wife also told him then that a lot of his secret will fly so they made it hush hush.

“It was few weeks after that that Gawat the broadcaster went missing. It was all over Lagos then, a lot of speculations came up, some said it was the wife that killed him because he impregnated another woman. They paid lots of radio station to manipulate the whole gist and make sure Remi Tinubu and Gawat matter didn’t come to the open, talk more of people pointing accusing fingers at Amoda.

“One thing about all this thing is that, people who are deeply rooted in politics knows about it, but since they all belong to one confraternity, so to cut the long story short the circle of godfatherism continued and after Fashola and his tenure was frustrated he choose Ambode. Ambode took over form where Fashola stopped, he started his own remitting, not long after Fashola left office, Lagosians started questioning Fashola tenure, lot of mismanagement that happened during his tenure was brought to the public.”