Gabrielle Union, 50, SLAMS those who criticize her for being old enough ‘to be somebody’s grandma’ but still wears thong bikinis: ‘I’ll be a**-up in a casket’

Gabrielle Union has slammed ageist critics who have called her out for wearing thong bikinis at her age.

The 50-year-old stunner – who stirred up controversy last month as she revealed she splits everything 50/50 with husband Dwyane Wade – pulled no punches as she responded to the trolls that she will not be changing her swimwear and will eventually be ‘a**-up in a casket.’

She said ‘Somebody said, “You’re old enough to be somebody’s grandma, why are you still in — like wearing swimsuits?”

‘I’m like, ‘First of all, they’re not just swimsuits. They are thong.’

Gabrielle was defiant toward the criticism as she essentially said that she will die before wearing the revealing bikini bottoms.

She continued: ‘And you’re gonna see these cheeks until my a** literally falls off, and I might just wear a bikini in the casket.

‘I don’t know. That just might be for you, for that one commenter… This is for you b**** …It’s just gonna be like, me in a thong, like, a**-up in the casket.’

Gabrielle was at the center of controversy last month as she spoke about her mindset when it comes to saving money, and said she and husband Dwyane Wade split their expenses down the middle.

The actress chatted with Bloomsberg Idea Generation in a wide discussion about business, branding and why she feels like she’s financially conservative.

‘It’s weird to say I’m head of household, because in this household we split everything 50/50,’ said the Breaking In star, who wed the NBA alum in 2014.

Union, who’s also been seen in Bring It On and Bad Boys II, said that despite their success, she still remains with her eye on the bottom line, citing their responsibility to others.