FG To Ban Popular Children Textbook, Queen Primer

The House of Representatives has asked the federal government and other sub-national governments to ban the use of a popular children textbook, “Queen Primer” in schools across the country.

The lawmakers asked the federal, state and local governments to ban the book because it contains words like “gay”, “eros” and others considered to be “offensive.”
The call for the ban followed the adoption of a motion moved by Sulaiman Gumi (PDP, Zamfara) on Thursday during plenary.
Moving the motion, Mr Gumi said that there is a covert attempt to slip books with “immoral culture” into primary and secondary schools in Nigeria.
He said, “Queen Primer’ subtly introduces terms like ‘gay’, ‘eros’, etc, that communize segxwal perversion and immoral behaviours, thus exposing innocent children to terms inappropriate for their age, which is unlawful, unethical, highly immoral and antithetical to child upbringing.”
The lawmaker said the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) has the statutory responsibility to vet educational material.
Mr Gumi said there is a “need to instil and protect moral values in children and society at large by resisting the use of educational materials that teach or promote any form of alien behaviour which violates the laws and moral values in all educational institutions.”

Culled from Gistmania