FG should increase the minimum wage to N75,000, Tinubu cannot dictate the salaries of Nigerian lawmakers~ Reno Omokri

Prominent social commentator, Reno Omokri has voiced his strong opinion about issue of minimum wage between the Nigerian Labour Congress’s (NLC) and the Federal Government (FG).

“In my opinion, the Federal Government should increase their offer to at least N75,000. I understand that the Organised Private Sector says they can only pay #60,000 a minimum wage, but let them bend over backwards. If they make that offer and the Nigerian Labour Congress still insists on their unrealistic #494,000, then Nigerians will see that the government have done their best and the NLC is only playing political games, and will shift their support away from the NLC.”

“If a level 1 civil servant will earn #494,000, then how much will those in higher levels earn? Will that not bankrupt Nigeria? Let us think this through. More money without more production is equal to more problems”

“And, the #75,000 should not be fixed. It should be adjusted every two years to take into account inflation. If not, we will be in the same place in two years, and the cycle will continue. Patriotic elements within the NLC should use their influence to get Labour to see reason. N494,000 is unreasonable. They know it. You know it. Iknow it!

Use your heads. President Tinubu CANNOT dictate the salaries of Senators or Representatives. They are a separate, independent and self-financing arm of government. They can even impeach the President. The President cannot even determine Judges salary. If the NLC is not happy with their pay, then they should face them.

They should not make the rest of us pay for their beef with Senators or the National Assembly. Ask for something reasonable, like N75,000, and almost 100% of the populace will support you.

Look, assume I am a liar and research your statement. If what you said is true, come back here with the proof, and I make a vow to make you the first Nigerian to receive NC’s N494,000 minimum wage from my own pocket.

You do not know. And instead of you to learn, you spread the ignorance that has been used to m inipulate you. The National Assembly bought the 400 SUVs. All Senators supported the motion, including Labour Senators. They have their own budget.

The budget is NOT subject to the approval of the Executive and the President.

That is why when a President does not like a Senate President, he cannot even remove him. It is called Separation of Powers. Buhari had to endure then Senate President Bukola Saraki.

Thanks again, and may God bless you.