EXCLUSIVE: Noah Dallaji is dating Yvonne Nelson

Noah Dallaji was/is dating Yvonne Nelson. He bought business class ticket for Yvonne and her daughter to meet him in the UK in 2021 on credit from a Nigerian based travel and Tour. 

Apparently during the trip, Yvonne had a tip off that he is dating Lilian AFEGBAI so wahala begun. 

Well long story short, Noah supposed to pay for the ticket. Bu because he blamed his friend who introduced him to the travel and tour of being the one snitching on him to Yvonne.

Now we independently got the gist about him, Yvonne and Lilly’s entanglement and how he had to pay so Yvonne will remove his own part from the current famous book. He even had to attend the lunching and buy a book all as part of the conditions to get his part out of the book which he diligently fulfilled.

Now, we posted a hint of our story, he went threatening the friend who introduced him to the travel and tour and the CEO of the travel and tour that for him to see himself on blogs about his affairs with Yvonne and Lilly, he will deal with his friend and also send his boys to teach the Travel & Tour guy a lesson which he will not be alive to tell his story.

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