EXCLUSIVE: Meet Emefiele’s Alleged Side Piece, Lady Kasy

Meet Lady Kasy, EMEFIELE’S married side piece. Lots of properties home and abroad. Our checks, 3 in Lekki, 2 in Banana Island, 2 in the UK. She also works with CBN and recently Oga EMEFIELE opened a diamond business for her. They’ve been dating a long time even before she got married. She still didn’t lose her position as main side of Oga EMEFIELE The diamond business was opened so Oga Eme can launder plenty of Nigeria’s money via the business account. The rest will be for the law enforcement if they need to investigate her.

So according to Lady Kasy’s camp, Lady Kasy found out that EMEFIELE gave Beauty N50mil new Naira notes of 1k denominations and $100k dollars to keep on her personal cash flow as in pocket money. From Oga’s boy’s mouth to Lady Kasy’s ears, this cash was given to Beauty on the 8th of February.

So EMEFIELE had cash to even give his side chics amidst Naira scarcity.

This is wickedness, not on Beauty’s side but on EMEFIELE’s side.

According to Lady Kasy’s camp, she got furious and even told Oga she will resign. She blocked Oga on all her personal lines and has since not had anything to do with him then. 

How can he comfortably be ensuring his babes had access to new Naira notes whilst he frustrated the whole nation on top of people’s own money.

Culled from cutie Juls