EXCLUSIVE: Full Gist, Why Veekee James And Wanneka Are No Longer Friends

Everyone is aware that Wanneka and her husband are separated and going through the divorce process. Everybody has noticed the closeness between Wanneka, the hair vendor and veekee the clothes designer. Third everybody is aware that Wanneka has her stores in Lagos, Dubai and Ghana plus she sources her hair from Vietnam. With this information, let’s move further to the main gist🙂

Hold on, how did veekee enter the gist?

Because at the time of this broadcast, VeeKee and Wanneka’s friendship and closeness has scattered. Things has fallen apart because of one of Wanneka’s Staffs.

Let me start from the beginning.

When Wanneka separated from her husband and filed for divorce, she started seeing and hooking up with her then manager called Ben. Shortly after the divorce filing, you would have noticed wanneka moved to Dubai with her kids and opened a Dubai branch. She took along this Ben in this movement and they were shacked up there for a bit. This is Ben 👇🏽

So fast forward to Vicky and Wanneka’s gist. Vicky started visiting Wanneka’s home and met Femi who is Wanneka’s staff. Vicky and Femi got pretty close which apparently to WANNEKA, her friend was just being nice to her staff so no fuss. So fast forward, Wanneka travelled to Ghana on a business trip. On her return, her in-house staff run it down for her that Vicky dey come dey Femi’s room like everyday and they have seen things which convinces them that them 2 dey date, dey knack everything.

WANNEKA spoke to Vicky about it and Vicky’s defence was that when she [Vicky] and Femi started, why didn’t WANNEKA say anything then? According to our source, it seems Wanneka didn’t have a problem with with Vicky being nice with any of her staff cuz she probably think things could escalate to that point. 

Wanneka advised both that this is not healthy as it can could lead to conflict of interest. Fast forward, all 3 parties agreed professional boundaries will still be adhered to. Now problems started not long after. 

Wanneka will send Femi on an errand, Vicky’s driver or staff would come do whatever Wanneka sent Femi to do. Mostly in cases when Wanneka sends Femi to buy stuff, its Vicky’s driver that will bring the item to Femi which means Vicky or Femi got Vicky’s driver to do the assignment instead.

Wanneka raised her concerns that this was the conflict of interest she was trying to avoid earlier. Vicky’s also mentioned that Wanneka is supposed to treat Femi with more respect than before cuz she Vicky is Wanneka’s friend and she is now dating Femi so Wanneka is not supposed to be sending Femi on certain errands like she used yo before they stated dating.

Femi is a staff of Wanneka. ⬇️

Fast forward, Wanneka laid off Femi and at that point, Femi had to vacate Wanneka’s premises. 

Few weeks after, voice notes from Vicky started flying out about how Wanneka. The VN were really disturbing. Some unfortunately got to Wanneka who was hurt and therefore blocked Vicky.

Source also disclosed Wanneka never charged Vicky for influencing and promoting her brand. All she ever asked for was for her friend and her staff to avoid anything that will bring conflict of interest. 

Also, Vicky even advised some of Wanneka’s staff to quit working with her if they can cuz she feels Wanneka makes them overwork. These we don’t know if some got to Wanneka or not.

So the whole issue which broke the friendship was that our Mommy GO started knacking her friend’s staff and as you know what love can cause. Work ethics and friendship codes were broken.

Culled from cutie Juls