EXCLUSIVE: Emefiele’s married side piece allegedly relocating to the UK; details of how she married her husband

EMEFIELE’s wife became very sure about his extra marital affairs with CBN staff, Lady Kasy, EMEFIELE came out with a good plan.

He made Kasy marry Oga Christopher who is a bolt driver.

Christopher used to work for popular hair vendor and that was how Lady Kasy met him. 

She married him and continued her affairs with EMEFIELE. EMEFIELE was able to convince his wife to an extent as Kasy kept posting her husband on social media. EMEFIELE always do Kasy’s bidding because she is his main tool for stealing from CBN as her role is a sensitive one so he EMEFIELE wasn’t ready for his wife to stand in his way. 

Christopher will be in the house as husband and EMEFIELE and Lady Kasy will travel for weeks all in the name of official duties

Now that she is planning to relocate to uk for good, she has moved Chris back to their Lekki apartment.

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