EXCLUSIVE: “Banky Saved His Sperm In A Sperm bank, This is a miracle baby”~ Cutiejuls

Cutie ✍️ ⬇️

The reason why I say I don’t know about the relationship is because Banky has a history with the alleged lady in question and as humans everything is possible. He is not a saint so he can make mistakes or even willingly commit a sin [adultery] regardless of his faith.

Now on the pregnancy, I kinda have some reservations because I know [most people know anyway] that before Banky went for chemotherapy for his health issues, after checks have been done etc so his doctors strongly advised his sperm need to be kept in the sperm bank for reproduction because of the medical complications associated with Chemo. [Remember I posted that womb watchers should leave Adesua alone cuz it wasn’t her fault when aproko people were bothering her with child birth. This was even b4 her first pregnancy] 

Unfortunately the worse happened. What saved the situation that helped them conceived was the sperm in the sperm bank. 

Okay, the couple’s had their first process which they later lost the pregnancy

Thankfully they did the 2nd one which gave birth to their first child. 

Now, Banky being a pastor [unless he’s lying to himself], if miraculously this medical condition of his sperm not being able to fertilise an ovary [except for the one he kept in the sperm bank] has been rectified by some miracle, I wonder why he would want to terminate such a testimony pregnancy. 

Anyway, we thank God it’s been alleged that the lady in question has said she is not aborting. So if it’s true then obviously that child and pregnancy cannot be hidden forever. 

If it turns out to be true, I will be really disappointed in Banky and we won’t take him serious ever. Not just because of the infidelity but highly because him as a a supposed Pastor and very respected gentleman could use scriptures to deny such. 

But if turns out what he ia saying is true then my respect for him will even triple.