Mark Zuckerberg’s new Twitter-like app is just days away from taking flight — and it seems Elon Musk’s not happy about the competition … further fueling the two techies’ beef.

In case you’ve forgotten … the reason Mark and Elon are talking about fighting each other (for real) is because of this new service that Meta is rolling out called ‘Threads — which is said to be the “new” Twitter, if you, will … only, it’ll be rolled out under Mark’s watch.

When Elon caught wind of MZ’s new toy last month, he jokingly said he was willing to battle the guy — and now, it’s full-steam ahead on negotiations as they prepare to duel.

Welp, the impetus for this all came full circle Monday … with word of Threads’ supposed launch date being revealed as July 7 — with the option to pre-order it now available on Apple’s app store. There’s more info as well as to what sorta data it’s going to harvest from users … something EM couldn’t help but comment on Monday, taking a swipe.

In response to all the ways Threads is going to manage personal data (mining a helluva lot, frankly), Elon replied … “Thank goodness they’re so sanely run.” That carries significance.

Reports have suggested that a Meta executive told staffers recently that Threads would be “sanely run” compared to Musk’s wild west on Twitter lately — but it sounds like Elon’s scoffing at how much freaking user data they’re going to control in order to do so.

Of course, you could argue Elon’s probably a little worried about this new foe on the market — especially in light of his absolutely hated decision to limit Twitter users’ daily tweet count … as far as being able to see new content. He’s upped the count since the debacle this weekend — but folks are still pissed and certainly looking for an alternative for news.

A reaction of his own doing, really — but as far as Threads goes, even more reasons for Elon to wanna punch Mark’s face in. Like we’ve reported … the fight’s being worked out now BTS.

Culled from TMZ