Dutchman who fathered up to 550 children around the world before being sued over incest fears to still be donating sperm

Jonathan Jacob Meijer’s children are all over the world. About 375 live in the Netherlands, 80 in Germany, 35 in Belgium, four in Argentina, and two in Australia, according to findings. 

His fathering spree began in 2007, when Meijer, 42, registered as a sperm donor at 11 clinics and at the Cryos sperm bank. He also joined Facebook groups for women and couples who want but cannot have kids.

Earlier this year, Julia, who want to start a family with her wife Ida, was ordered to stop donating sperm to prospective parents, or face a massive fine after it was discovered that he lied to everyone.

He told each clinic he would exclusively donate there, and also told each prospective mother he ‘only’ had about 10 children.

When asked by German media why he wants so many kids, Meijer replied: ‘I want to do something meaningful with my life.’

He added: ‘Yes, I lied to the women. That was wrong. I wanted to help them.’

Many mothers of children conceived with his sperm have furiously condemned Meijer after finding out about his donation addiction.

Mothers with lookalike children sporting curly blond hair and piercing blue eyes – had even begun to meet by chance. Some started online groups to find other women who had also used the same samples.

Of them, 157 joined a Facebook support group called ‘Donorkind 102 JJM’.

When asked by German media about his hundreds of children, Meijer replied: ‘I like to meet them. But emotionally, they feel more like my nephews and nieces.

‘Otherwise, it would be too much for me.’

Meijer himself is one of eight siblings.

The Cryos sperm bank sold his donations for around £1,100 each, but Meijer claims he donates his sperm for free. He told German media: ‘I don’t ask for anything, but sometimes I receive £64, a plane ticket, or a camera as a gift.’

One mother of a child conceived with Meijer’s sperm sued the Dutchman in April, arguing that his actions have increased the risk of incest.