“Don’t risk your reputation again with Verydarkman” -Samklef warns Davido

Samklef has issued a stern warning to popular singer Davido, advising him to steer clear of any involvement in the alleged arrest of social media activist Verydarkman.

Verydarkman, known for his outspokenness on social issues, reportedly found himself in police custody over accusations of cyberbullying directed at actress Tonto Dikeh.

Taking to social media, Samklef urged Davido to refrain from intervening in the matter, citing potential repercussions for the singer’s reputation. Despite past grievances between the two, Samklef emphasized his forgiveness towards Davido but stressed the importance of maintaining distance from the unfolding situation.

In a direct message to Davido, Samklef recalled previous controversies involving the singer’s interactions with law enforcement and cautioned against repeating similar missteps. He referenced past incidents involving the alleged silencing of Blessings CEO and Abu, as well as a legal dispute with Pinnick which reportedly resulted in a financial settlement.

Samklef concluded his warning by urging Davido to allow the authorities to handle the Verydarkman case without interference, emphasizing the potential consequences if Davido chooses to involve himself.

The message, delivered via social media, serves as a public declaration of Samklef’s stance on the matter and underscores the gravity of the situation surrounding Verydarkman’s arrest. As tensions rise within the entertainment industry, all eyes remain on Davido and his response to the cautionary advice issued by Samklef.

Culled from Gistmania