Doctor ‘Who Raped’ Kwara Patient Breaks Silence Claims She’s His Girlfriend

The Chief Medical Director of Ayodele Hospital in Ilorin, Kwara State Dr. Ayodele Joseph has responded to accusations of raping a female nurse during surgery in his hospital by claiming that the nurse is his long-term girlfriend.

The police report accuses Dr Joseph of sedating the nurse, who had come to the hospital for surgery, and then sexually assaulting her while she was unconscious.

He said, “The patient activated her telephone and placed it in a vantage position to record the surgery unknown to the doctor before the expected surgery.

“She woke up from sleep after the surgery to find herself fully naked, and when viewing the recorded video, she discovered that the said Dr Ayodele Joseph had unlawful sexual intercourse with her while under sedation.”

Odama noted that Dr Joseph had previously been brought before the court for causing the death of a patient in his hospital.

The state branch of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has been notified of the recent allegations against Dr Joseph, and the hospital has been cordoned off by security personnel.

However, Dr Joseph denies the rape allegations, asserting that the nurse is his girlfriend of eight years.

He expressed disbelief at the accusations, saying, “She is my girlfriend and we have dated for eight years. I trained her as a nurse; I sponsored her to a school of nursing in Lagos and I employed her. How can I rape a lady that I have had intercourse with several times?”

The doctor believes the nurse has set him up in an attempt to extract money from him, claiming she has already taken N500,000 from him in relation to the incident.

By Enioluwa Adeniyi