Disturbing video of a man printing N1k notes with portable device

A video making the rounds online shows a man diligently printing naira notes (N1k precisely) with a portable device.

In the clip, the man noted that the currency is used in West Africa, Nigeria. He openly showed the method involved in printing the notes.

He described the machine as a nano printer. The man who had several plasma cards inserted them into the machine and screwed gradually. The card came out as N1k notes from the other end.

Sharing the video, one IG user identified as @bigbrofullcurrent wrote:

“Nigeria is such a lawles$ country 💔💔 how do people come up with things like this, record it with their full chest and go scout free??? 😒😒
Try this with Dollars, if you like hide in Mercury or Mars you’ll be found in few hours 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽😒😒😒
Is the guts for me…. Please if this is your father, brother, uncle or even boyfriend… talk something useful into his head 💔💔💔.”