Couples should be required to take a mental evaluation before marriage – Kaffy

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, she said mental health evaluation, couples therapy and drug tests should be a mandatory requirement for aspiring married couples.

In her words, “It is harder to get a driver’s license yet it is inside all these homes that all of society is being built in. There needs to be a full-year program on human behavioural sciences. It’s a special course that needs to be taken.”

Going further, the famous dancer noted that the reason behind numerous failed marriages in Nigeria is the fact that it is easier to acquire a marriage certificate than a driver’s license.

She said, “We can’t live in a society that issues you marriage certificates easier than driver’s licenses.

Kaffy also touched on her marriage to Joseph Ameh, which she said failed because of lack of education from her parents. In her opinion, it is not enough for people to view marriages from their parents eyes alone but acquire education on the matter beforehand.

“I was not educated enough for marriage and a lot of us aren’t. Our parents didn’t prepare us enough for marriage It’s now so easy to get into marriage that’s why it keeps crashing”, she disclosed.

She also spoke about it during her podcast Justkaffywhere she made it public knowledge that she was still friends with her ex-husband.