Cook-a-thon: Ondo Chef Finally Cooks For 150 Hours

There was jubilation at the Government Area of Ondo State as Chef Deo has broken the record of Hilda Baci with 150 hours of cooking.

The Ondo chef started her cooking marathon a few days ago as she announced she would be cooking for 150 hours in the quest to break the record of Hilda Baci.

There are jubilations at Ondo Stae as Nigerian chef Adeyeye Adeola, also known as Chef Deo has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual after Hilda Baci.

A lot of people were seen at the forecourt jubilating and congratulating her for breaking the record and also staying strong. Reports say that she has still not stopped cooking as a video of her with her pot on fire has emerged online.