Children must not be allowed to change gender in schools without telling their parents -UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak says

UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak has said pupils must not be allowed to change gender in schools without telling their parents. 

The Prime Minister told teachers that letting boys identify as girls was ‘not a neutral act’ and could have a ‘significant impact’ on children. 

He also said school staff must alert parents if their children want to be referred to by different pronouns following deliberation on guidance for head teachers on how to handle transgender rights.

It was gathered that the guidance will finally be published this week, banning schools from letting pupils ‘socially transition’ by changing their names, pronouns or uniform if their parents do not consent.

Children questioning their gender will even be prevented from playing competitive sport, The Sun claimed.

Schools will be forced to tell parents if students are questioning their gender under new Government guidance to be published this week, according to a report. 

At the moment, many schools are making their own decisions, such as whether to introduce gender-neutral toilets or changing rooms.

Labour has criticised ministers for delaying issuing the guidance, insisting schools, parents, and pupils are ‘sick and tired’ of reading conflicting rumours about it in the newspapers.

Education minister Nick Gibb promised earlier this month it was being drafted and would be published soon.

A Government source told The Sun: ‘Parents have got to be kept in the know about their child while they are at school and be consulted when sensitive matters arise.

‘If their child expresses a desire to transition, for example, it’s vitally important that parents are made aware and have a say.

‘It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure this happens, so that the child is looked after, teachers are clear in how they must handle the situation and parents know so that they can handle it appropriately and sensitively.
‘The guidance will be crystal clear on all fronts.’