British Roommate Reports Nigerian To School Authorities For Eating At Night

A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the microblogging platform to narrate how his British roommate reported him to school counsellors for the type of food he eats for dinner, stating that such meals could choke him to death. @Capt_Danky said his British roommate alerted the school authorities because he feared he was su*cidal over what he eats at night.

He further listed beans, yam, moi moi and egg as some of the food he eats at night.

He Tweeted;

“My roommate back in University was a British citizen. One day he reported me to the School Counselors that “he sees me every night eating some weird food that can choke me to death. That he suspects I’m trying to commit su*cide”. The food then was beans, yam, moi moi and egg”