BBNaijaAllstars Ships To Expect in Motion

With the way these housemates are moving, we give them 3 days before the pairs and triangles start springing up.

Every year, Big Brother Naija takes place, and like clockwork, the housemates pick the people whose eyes they want to stare into lovingly and pair up. You might think this year will be different…

How is romance supposed to work this season lmfaoo. These babes have already seen all these men finish

but we know Biggie’s children, one thing will lead to another, and next thing these ships will begin to sail.

Cross and Ilebaye

We don’t know what might be going on there, but Ilebaye and Cross have been talking in hushed tones and giving each other looks for the two minutes they’ve been in Biggie’s house. They might decide to take things as seriously as any couple can in Biggie’s house or continue their little flirtations. Whatever they decide, we’re here for it.

Soma and Angel

We don’t want to read more into it, but Soma and Angel have already exchanged bracelets and made comments about being “smitten”. Given their respective track records, we can’t say how it’ll end, we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Pere and Mercy

No one would have seen this coming, but when the general saw Mercy, he ran to ask Ike if they were done for good and he could try his luck. All the best to him on this journey he’s about to embark on.

Mercy and Kiddwaya

After being present for Pere’s chat with Ike, Kiddwaya went and pulled Mercy for a chat, spun her around, and complimented her beauty. He might want to act like it’s nothing, but we also saw them in the dressing room with their side-by-side lockers, and we’re watching. 

Kiddwaya and Doyin

If you know Kiddwaya, then you’ll know his rizz lies in him feeding his babes. He’s fed Doyin twice in the 15 hours they’ve been in the house. If he continues like this, Doyin will fall, and he’ll have no choice but to catch her.

Ike and Ilebaye

Nothing’s set in stone right now, but we can see Ilebaye’s trying to make alliances. We don’t know why she’s chosen Ike, but we can only wait for their next tete-a-tete with bated breath.

Adekunle and Uriel

We already know Uriel is ready for a ship this season, and after the five-minute interviewing flirting session that went down with Adekunle, all we have to do now is sit and wait for her to push the ship to sea.