Arrest: Man Accused Of Licking A Child’s Feet In Georgia Is Attempting To Commit Same Crime

A former teacher’s aide who was released on bond after he was accused of licking a boy’s feet at a Georgia trampoline has been arrested again.

Caurey Rollins, 26, was first indicted in January after police said he asked a child to take his socks off at a Richmond County Urban Air trampoline park and then sucked on his toes.

He was later accused of molesting three fourth-grade girls at the school where he worked, Glenn Hill Elementary. On April 11, he was indicted on seven more counts of child molestation. Rollins was released on May 8.

On Wednesday, police said he pulled up beside a 12-year-old boy playing basketball and showed him pictures of children’s feet. He then asked the boy if his feet looked similar. When the boy said no, Rollins asked him if he could see his feet, according to the Augusta Press.

The child got scared and ran inside. He identified the man as Rollins to his mother, who was aware of the previous case.

He was then arrested on Friday morning, May 19, according to the Augusta Press. Rollins faces charges of criminal attempt of child molestation in the latest case.