Police have arrested someone in connection to the killing of O’Shae Sibley — a gay dancer who was recently stabbed to death in NYC … this after voguing to Beyonce’s music, no less.

The NYPD announced Saturday that they had a suspect in custody, whom they believe is responsible for Sibley’s death. The unidentified perp is a 17-year-old boy, per cops, and he’s being charged with murder … which NYPD says is being prosecuted as a hate crime.

The suspect surrendered Friday in Brooklyn, accompanied by a lawyer. He’d been on the police’s radar since the July 29 incident … as they believed he went to school in the area. So far, he’s the only one being charged, although it’s unclear if he’ll be tried as an adult.

The fact this is being pursued as a hate crime lends credence to what friends of Sibley’s — some of whom say they were actually there at the gas station that night — have been saying on social media … namely, that the suspect and whatever group of people he was with apparently had an issue with Sibley and co. being gay. It led to a full-blown shouting match, and an eventual scuffle that resulted in Sibley being stabbed … which was caught on video.

Based on reports, it sounds like the whole thing emanated from Sibley and his friends dancing in the parking lot … and playing Bey’s music in the background. The singer paid tribute to Sibley after hearing about it — she has his name up on her website’s homepage.


Beyoncé is honoring a man who was stabbed to death — allegedly because he was dancing to her music in public — and she’s doing it a heartfelt message on one of her biggest platforms.

The singer paid tribute to 28-year-old O’Shae Sibley on her website, with a message that reads … “Rest In Power O’Shae Sibley.” It’s the first thing you see when you go to, where it’s prominently displayed on the homepage.

Sibley was fatally stabbed over the weekend at a Brooklyn gas station after getting into a scuffle with another man … and cops are reportedly investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Sibley was gay and leading up to the confrontation, witnesses say he was voguing in the parking lot to Beyoncé’s tracks. Authorities think the altercation might have started because the suspect was reacting to Sibley dancing, according to the NY Post.

Part of the face-off was actually captured by a surveillance camera outside … and you can see quite a few people arguing.

The actual stabbing happens off-camera, but you can see Sibley (who’s shirtless and wearing a hat) and a friend getting heated with an opposing group. Eventually, Sibley goes around a corner … and moments later you see him come back into frame.

One of his pals who was there on the scene that night posted bloody photos of the aftermath, claiming the attacker was Muslim and let them know he didn’t like gay people.

Obviously, an investigation is ongoing — and the suspect is still on the loose — but Sibley’s story has already struck a nerve with Beyoncé.

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