Angel attempts BBN house break after fighting with Ilebaye

The guys are still on about housemates not stopping fights when they happen.

The GenZ baddies butt heads late in the night on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, after their Guinness fashion show task.

The altercation between Angel and Ilebaye happened to be a result of a brewing argument that happened during the day.

According to Kiddwaya in a conversation with Tolanibaj in the Head of House lounge, early in the day Angel and Ilebaye had locked heads over Angel’s demand for Ilebaye to join them in a task preparation. Meanwhile, Ilebaye was eating and insisted she wouldn’t come. But Angel took it bad and hurled some insults at her leaving off some sort of steam/beef between them.

Angel and Ilebaye got into an argument in the locker room, which quickly escalated with both girls almost getting physical.

Angel narrates the cause of the situation to Mercy, who had dragged her out during the fight. According to her, she asked Ilebaye to remove her leg as she was peeling her body paint over her open box of clothes. She said, “She was peeling her body paint over my box, my open box, my clothes and she is telling me I should close my box.”

Ilebaye on the other hand felt Angel purposely came at her in a conversation with Doyin in the locker room. ” I have been seeing the signs even when we were dancing upstairs, she was just looking at me with bad eyes for no reason. I didn’t do her anything I gave her the space, you nah want me to remove my leg,” she stated.

But things don’t stop there for Angel, who returned to the locker room to pack her things, insisting that she was done and wanted to request a voluntary exit. Mercy, Uriel and Venita prevented her from packing and leaving the house, constantly reminding her of what the price was and the fact that the issue shouldn’t be why she leaves the house voluntarily.

The guys on the other hand in a conversation between Pere, Adekunle and Ike, expressed their opinion of housemates separating fights, according to them housemates should stop separating as that would quell or completely escalate the fight.

The game has gotten hotter, and enemies are brewing at the slightest issues.

See video below 👇🏿