Adeleke Dragged For Appointing Nephew Who Recently Finished NYSC As Board Chairman

The Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke has come under heavy criticism for appointing the son of his late elder brother and ex-governor, Isiaka Adeleke, Tunji Adeleke as a board chairman.

Tunji, who graduated from Adeleke University in 2020 and served in 2022 was appointed chairman of the Local Government Service Commission.

This is coming barely two weeks after Adeleke appointed the wife of his late elder brother Adenike Adeleke as a state commissioner.

However, Adeleke’s appointment of his family members into key positions in the state has caused a stir on social media.

A Twitter user, @Realadeshina, wrote: “Congratulations Tunji Adeleke as Osun State Chairman board of local government. This disgrace is getting too much.”

simplysnipe said “Most people didn’t know or heard of the guy before, now they know him. I’m just loving the news coming out of Osun, the second Edo State. Next now is for our dancing governor to be commissioning disgraceful projects as an achievement but Osun people will blame the president.”

@IkotunEmmy said, “ I told them when they were shouting “imole”. Adeleke should be ready to face a massive vote-out in the next election. Osun does not fall for mediocrity twice. The unfortunate thing is retrogression the state would have suffered.”

Similarly, @MustyOsun said, “I never knew we could still operate a constitutional monarchical system.”

Akin Akinwale wrote: Whatever appointment Ademola Adeleke is making, whatever ineptitude he is displaying, it serves Osun State people right.

“That said, I don’t have a problem with appointing your family members into your government (silly tho’). But I am after the competence. Is Tunji Jnr competent? If he is, all the best.”