A Notorious Yahoo Boy, Amos Olalere. Has openly confessed “My Mother Gave My Sister Poison To Drink, Asked Me To Rap3 & Suck Her Vag1na For Ritual Purpose”.

A 29- year- old notorious yahoo boy, identified as Amos Olalere, has confessed to killing his younger sister with help of his mother for money ritual purposes.

The suspect was apprehended by detectives of the Lagos State Police Command during a stop- and- search operation carried out along Itamaga, Ikorodu Road, in Lagos State.

During interrogations the suspect said that his mother asked him to kill his younger sister after a herbalist told them that he has to sacrifice one life which has to be a sibling to him for ritual so he can succeed in his yahoo business.

The young man said ” My mother took me to a herbalist who told me if I want to be successful in the yahoo business, I will have to sacrifice one life and that person must be my sister which I love so much.

After hearing from the herbalist it took me months before I could carry out the act were my mother was also encouraging me to kill my sister so they can be rich.

My mother planned the entire incident, by going out to buy a poison which she will put in my sister’ s food.

The herbalist also instructed that i must sleep with my sister, suck her honeypot after she was dead then threw her into the river for the ritual procedures to be completed.

They connived together and carried out the act but were arrested along Ikorodu road on their way to dispose of the deceased’ s dead body.

By Mister Jay Wonder