30 Year-Old Nigerian Pilgrim Gives Birth In Makkah

The Makkah Health Cluster reported that the pilgrim, who was in her 31st week of pregnancy, was admitted to the hospital’s emergency department after experiencing labor pains.

A 30-year-old Nigerian pilgrim gave birth to a baby boy named Mohammed at the Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Makkah, which is under of the Makkah Health Cluster.

This marks the first birth of a pilgrim during the current Hajj season.

Emergency doctors immediately attended to her and transferred her to the maternity ward, where she had a natural delivery. Both the mother and baby are in good health, though the newborn, being premature, is receiving special care.

The Maternity and Children’s Hospital is fully operational, offering top-tier services to Hajj pilgrims, especially in handling emergency cases.

The hospital is renowned for its high standards in maternal, neonatal, and pediatric care, and it regularly handles several childbirth cases during the Hajj season, providing them with the utmost attention and care.

The Nigerian pilgrim expressed her profound gratitude and appreciation to the medical staff for their exceptional care and support for her and her baby.