Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram post sparks concern among fans who are worried about the singer’s fragile outlook.

On April 14, Justin Bieber surprised the Coachella crowd when he joined Tems onstage for a song. Though pleasantly delighting his fans, his recent music show appearance also sparked concerns among his friends, who were reportedly worried about him “spiralling again.”

The 30-year-old singer has had a rollercoaster-worth of a journey with “severe ups and downs,” as a source in recent media reports claimed. Grappling with Lyme disease, depression and anger management, Justin has previously acknowledged his frequent alcohol intake as well as his reliance on “pretty heavy drugs” during his rock-bottom moments. The insider also proclaimed that Coachella was indeed a “huge accomplishment” for the singer, but “he’s still very fragile.”

The ongoing sexual assault lawsuits fixated on blowing the lid off embattled hip-hop figure Diddy have also tapped Justin’s name now and then. With several videos featuring Sean Combs blasting into the present from the past and going viral upon resurfacing, a concerning vision of Justin’s early days in Hollywood has also come into focus.

‘A pretty crier,’ wrote Hailey in the comments section.

She appeared to further squash speculation of any marital issues as she re-posted a thirst trap of Justin.

‘Oh…. I’m… unwell,’ she wrote on her Instagram Story with a shirtless photo of the Justice artist dripping wet in front of a tropical sunset. 

Culled from Daily Mail