16-year-old Girl Reportedly Dumps Boyfriend Of 4 years To Marry 52-year-old Man

A 16-year-old lady has reportedly called it quits with her boyfriend of four years to tie the knot with a wealthy man of 52. The news was shared by a Twitter identified as @Umdazz_incense who revealed that the lady was her friend’s sister. According to the narrator, the 16-year-old was engaged to her boyfriend of 4 years but she dumped him to get married to another man. She said that the new man she got married to is 52 years old and wealthy.

The tweet reads:

“My sister’s friend a 16yr old is getting married to a 52yr old man soon insha Allah She was initially engaged to her boyfriend of 4yrs but ditched him for this rich old man  She confessed she’s marrying for money coz her friends that opted for love marriage are suffering.”

By Bayo Nelson