[Video] Woman Married To Eiffel Tower In Paris, Got Divorced And Now In Love With A Fence😁

American woman had, in 2007, come out about being attracted to inanimate objects. She had famously ‘married’ the Eiffel Tower that year, in what was described as a commitment ceremony that took place in Paris, France. 

However, Erika LaBrie, who is 50 years old now, is now bored of her relationship with Eiffel Tower and is now attracted to a fence, which she wants to get better acquainted with. The woman characterises herself as an objectum sexual, which is a phrase for someone who is drawn romantically or sexually to inanimate items.

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LaBrie, an advocate for object sexuality and a competitive archer, was recently seen in a now-viral TikTok video straddling a red fence as she revealed her feelings for the chiselled structure. “Fences are such dangerous objects for me because they are so perfect in their geometry,” says LaBrie. “I’m definitely physically attracted to this fence and I would like to get to know this fence better,” she adds. The viral TikTok video captures her discussing what draws her to the fence as she gets a feel. It is an excerpt from a TLC program about objectophilia.

There have been a lot many reports of people being drawn romantically or sexually to inanimate items during the past month. A German woman, Sarah Rodo, has talked about her romance with a Boeing 737 that she lovingly refers to as Dicki.