Wigwe’s Family Tell RCCG Not To Attend Burial After Pastor Siju Threw A Lavish Birthday Party

The family of the late Herbert Wigwe has informed the management of the City of David Parish of the Redeem Christian Church of God to stay off the burial service of their family.

The family has not really given reasons to justify their directive, many Nigerians have judged the insensitivity of the Church to have done a lavish birthday celebration.

Netizens React 👇🏿

No empathy, no sympathy no respect from a church that lost three members of the same family who were pillars of the church

Even though Wigwe parents were both retired pastors of Redeem

I support the family 100% no empathy whatsoever.

They should also be made to pay the loan the late kindhearted Wigwe gave and includingthe ones he paid off for them. Very materialistic church filled with greedy pastors. They flow with any government in power. 

That church Redeem is a big joke to Christianity. 

City of David ko city of Goliath ni