Vee Iye To Jail Her Plumber For Duping Her Of N150k For A Job Of N20k

Big Brother Naija star, Vee has threatened to jail her plumber for duping her of N150k for a job of N20k. 

She further revealed that after repairing her tap, the plumber made it stop working so that she would pay him again for the ‘repair.’ She  said found out about the plumber duping her after she called in someone else who checked and told her that the plumber has been turning off the water from outside. 

Vee further revealed that the plumber gave an excuse of “everyone being hungry” as reason for his actions. She tweeted; 

“My plumber scammed me and collected 150k for a 20k job and one IDIOT is telling me it’s because “everyone is hungry” He will eat in jail. I don’t even mind that people are making excuses or laughing btw, because this kind of wickedness will surely touch everyone if we don’t start holding badly behaved people responsible.

I complained that my kitchen tap wasn’t working. He came to fix it. I told him to replace my kitchen tap too. He said the tap was 15k, a few parts and workmanship made the total 25k. I paid no questions asked.

“My tap stopped working again less than 1 week after. He said there was something wrong with the filter. The whole thing came up to about 22k. He “fixed” it. I paid.

“2 weeks later, my tap stopped running again. He said he wanted to connect my kitchen water to a different pumping machine, buy some pipes. I let him do his work because I know NOTHING about plumbing. He finished and said the total was 95k. I paid.

“My tap stopped working again 2 days ago. I didn’t call him or inform in him IN ANY WAY, because I wanted to get another plumber. This fool called me yesterday saying that he suspects that my filter is blocked. I told him to come and check regardless.

“He came to my apartment today and said he wants to change the filter for 46k. I said no, called someone else and that person told me the plumber was simply turning off my water from outside. There was NOTHING wrong with my sink.

“I live by myself. So I have zero knowledge of anything. I grew up in a completely different environment, so I tend to give people the benefit of doubt. So I never suspected anything. I hate how Nigerians have normalised this kind of behaviour.”