Ukrainian President, Zelenskyy Added To ‘List Of Wanted Criminals’ By Russia

Russia has added Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to its list of wanted criminals, a government database showed on Saturday. 

Zelensky appeared in the Russian Interior Ministry’s “wanted” list, an online database of alleged criminals sought by the authorities.

It stated that the Ukrainian leader was wanted “under an article of the criminal code,” without providing further details.

There was no immediate comment from Russian officials on why Zelensky had been added to the list.

Moscow has targeted Zelensky since the start of its military offensive in February 2022.

The Ukrainian President said last year he was aware that at least “five or six” assassination attempts against him had been foiled.

The day after sending troops into Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave an address to the nation in which he called on the Ukrainian army to overthrow Zelensky.

Russia has placed several foreign politicians and public figures on its wanted list, which has tens of thousands of entries.

In February, Moscow said it was seeking Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas for what the Kremlin said was the “desecration of historical memory” for the Baltic country’s move to destroy Soviet era monuments. 

Last year the International Criminal Court (ICC) ordered the arrest of Putin on war crimes charges related to the abduction of Ukrainian children – accusations rejected by Moscow.

Russian officials have said Kallas is wanted over efforts to remove Soviet-era monuments to Red Army soldiers in the Baltic nation. Fellow NATO members Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have also pulled down monuments widely seen as an unwanted legacy of the Soviet occupation of those countries.

Culled from LaTimes