Trump’s Reaction To Biden’s Fall At Air Force Academy Graduation

Former US President, Donald Trump has reacted after President Joe Biden fell at Air Force Academy graduation. There was shock on Thursday after Biden tripped over an obstacle on stage at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Biden, who appeared unhurt after the incident, had delivered the commencement address to graduates of the military academy, had just shaken hands with a cadet and begun walking back to his seat when he fell.

Air Force personnel helped him back up and he did not appear to require further help. As he rose, Biden pointed to the object that had apparently caught his foot. It resembled a small black sandbag on the stage.

Reacting to this, Trump during his campaign in Iowa on Thursday, told his supporters that it was not inspiring for the Air Force graduates who had witnessed the incident. He said, “He actually fell down? Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt,. The whole thing is crazy. You’ve got to be careful about that… even if you have to tiptoe down the ramp. “That’s a bad place to fall… that’s not inspiring”

By Bayo Nelson