“Stop playing victim, you slept with married men in London” – Sarah Martins throws shades; decoders finger May Yul-Edochie

Sarah Martins, a Nollywood actress, has taken a sly dig at someone who came to London to sleep with married men on her Facebook page.

She is well-known for slamming actor Yul Edochie’s first wife, May Edohchi. When her friend Judy Austin and Yul Edochie engaged in polygamy, she previously brought the woman into it.

The actress has thrown another shade to whom it may concern in a recent Facebook post. Her target, she claims, traveled to London and slept with a number of married men before deciding to play the Victim in her husband’s case.

She wrote;

“No be to dey form Angel when you dey knack other people husbands! U dey fly go London with another woman husband yet you dey form victim! Dear Lord expose them all”, she wrote.

“This woman is a confirmed realist!
The only woman that spits facts upon facts!

I analyzed same thing but biased Nigerians that refused to learn and understand how these things work criticized and bullied me for speaking the truth.

My ex cheated with someone 25years older than me and because I refused to share what I thought was all mine, I chose to peacefully walk away.

I had no right to tell an African man not to be African so I took a walk.

If you don’t want to be numbered, you take a walk!

You can’t claim to love and respect the father of your kids and watch different people insult and ridicule him right in your very eyes.

A second wife is not the problem!
Bigamy is a scam in Nigeria so stop threatening an African man with Bigamy.

I moved on in peace without gathering pity party despite being married at 19yrs as a virgin.

Yes, my love was betrayed and I felt betrayed and used especially when I worked hard to remain decent for my future husband.
And when I finally married the husband of my youth, he fell out of love with me and went for an older woman.

What did I do???
I moved the hell on “in peace”’!!!!

Did it stop me from giving love a second chance? Hell NO!!!

In my 31yrs of age, my body count is not upto 5!

So I’m still very much hot, active and juicy…..it’s his loss not mine!!”