Princess Diana’s Jewellery To Go On Sale For £10M To Raise Money For Ukraine

A diamond and pearl necklace and earring set worn by the late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana will go for sale next month, according to the Telegraph UK. The jewelry which could fetch up to £10 million during the sales was reportedly given to Diana by Dodi Al-Fayed. The necklace was worn by Diana at her last official engagement before her death in 1997, at the gala evening for Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall.

The set has been owned by a Ukrainian family since 2008, The Telegraph reports. This is believed to be the first time Diana’s privately owned jewellery will be sold publicly. Most of the jewellery she wore was loaned to her by the Crown when she was a member of the royal family. The jewelry will be displayed in London before being auctioned off in New York next month.

Arlan Ettinger, president of Guernsey’s Auctioneers, said: ‘While many accomplished figures fade from view, Princess Diana is as vibrant today as when she was indeed the most admired woman on the planet.

‘The Swan Lake Suite was especially made for her. She was part of the design process. ‘It is thought to be her only jewellery to have ever been sold, making it extraordinarily important. ‘There are many people who have described it as priceless but we have given it a very broad estimate.’

The jewelry was bought in 1999 by American businessman Jim McIngvale for just under $1 million, but he sold it to a Ukrainian family who are big fans of the royal family during the economic downturn in 2008.

Mr Ettinger added:

”The war in Ukraine has been a motivating factor in them deciding to sell the Swan Lake Suite now. They have had them for 14 years but given what is going on, their thoughts are now very much on rebuilding their country.’ The necklace was made from 178 diamonds totalling 51 carats and paired with five matching 12mm South Sea pearls.

By Bayo Nelson