Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma responds as brother calls her out for being untidy

Ivy Ifeoma, a Nigerian influencer and Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, has responded after her brother called her out for being dirty.

A video captured the moment Ivy Ifeoma’s brother expressed his surprise after seeing his sister’s car’s unclean interior.

Calling her out, he inquired why her backseat and the car floor were littered with goods that should have been in her room.

Handbags, wigs, tripods, shoes, and belongings can be seen scattered across the seats and foot mats of Ivy Ifeoma’s car as the camera moves across the rear seat.

“It’s like a supermarket in here”, her brother said.

He continued: “Just look at how your car is”,

Ivy Ifeoma in response argued: “I’m not usually like this”