Nigerians Were Banned For Drug Trafficking And Internet Fraud~ Seychelles Government 🇸🇨

The government of Seychelles has explained why it introduced visa restrictions measures against Nigerians seeking to travel to the West Indian country.⁣

According to authorities, the far-reaching border control policy became necessary due to a recent increase in drug trafficking and fraudulent activities by Nigerian passport holders in Seychelles.⁣

The country’s Vice President, Ahmed Afif, who confirmed the development to reporters, said immigration authorities had been instructed to grant Nigerians with diplomatic passports, valid work or resident permits access into the island nation.⁣

However, citizens of the West African country seeking to enter Seychelles as tourists or new immigrants have been slammed with an indefinite ban, Seychelles News Agency (SNA) quoted Afif as saying.⁣

The Vice President added that his country will keep a close track of other categories of travellers and Seychelles Electronic Border System (SEBS) will scrutinise such applications to find out their reasons for wanting to come into the country.⁣