Nigerian soldier dismissed for stealing N35m gold jewellery from general’s wife

Jonah Comfort, a Nigerian female soldier has been dismissed after confessing to stealing gold jewellery said to be worth N35 million from an army general’s wife she was attached to in Kaduna state.

The female soldier identified as Lance Corporal Jonah Comfort with service number 15NA/74/4422F, committed the offence earlier in May.

She was said to have entered the senior officer’s room and stolen the jewellery.

Comfort subsequently sold the jewellery to a jeweller in Kaduna for N5 million.

It was gathered that the army authorities did not want the public to know about the incident as it might lead to a debate as to how the senior officer’s wife acquired jewellery worth millions of Naira despite being a housewife.

Sources who spoke to the media said the jeweller has also been arrested by the military police.

“The army authorities have been careful over the issue because the general’s wife is a full housewife, so how come she has jewellery worth millions of Naira? The jewellery stolen by the soldier which was valued at N35 million was just part of her collections,” one of the sources said.

“The female soldier had long been monitoring the woman before stealing the jewellery worth N35 million which she later sold to one jeweller for N5 million but unfortunately she was caught.

“Sadly, most of these female soldiers have been turned into slaves by our senior officers’ wives. Now she has been dismissed and put in a cell.”

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