Mr Ibu Cries Out, Says His Wife Brought Some Friends To Allegedly Kill Him In The Hospital

In a voice note circulating on social media, veteran actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu cried out to Jasmine that his wife brought in some of her friends to ‘unalive’ him in the hospital.

He became afraid to the point that he started refusing treatment from his doctors unless Jasmine is present.

In another voice note, a voice alleged to belong to Mr Ibu disclosed that he stopped sl££ping with his ‘daughter’ Jasmine after she sl£pt with his son.

So his wife did not ‘unalive’ him when he had money, it’s now that he is sick that she wants to finish him?!

Like someone rightly said, Mr Ibu is suffering from diabetes mellitus and his leg has been amputated.

Diabetes destroys nerves and veins. It is one of the CNS (Central Nervous system) problem. Others are high Bp,high cholesterol etc. Once the CNS is affected all proper body communications will be affected too. There is 90% chances that some of the veins and nerves in the brain have been affected too. I have witnessed the damaging effect of the long use of drugs on someone with a terminal disease. They begin to lack coordination. Mental changes like confusion, delirium or hallucinations may happen. They believe people once close to them are planning to hurt them, they suspect everyone including their spouses!

Unfortunately those that Mr Ibu has placed so much trust on. are taking advantage of his condition and may have a hidden agenda. Why record those conversations if there was no ulterior motive?